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» Mission
Fleximize is an innovative SME lender, offering flexible business loans of up to £500,000 to companies that have been trading for at least six months. Combining bespoke technology with first-class customer service, we offer our clients and brokers the best of both worlds: fast, flexible funding, with a personal touch.
Our expert underwriters look for a way to say “yes” to every application, and will create a finance package that’s tailored to your client’s needs. We pride ourselves on making the journey to funding as smooth as possible, for both you and your client.
» Background
Fleximize was born out of its founders’ frustration with the lack of funding available to SMEs in the wake of the recession. They believed there was room for a lender that looks beyond credit scores and computer algorithms to offer companies a fairer chance of funding.
Our loans are available on a secured and unsecured basis, and come with a range of flexible features as standard.
• Unsecured funding up to £250,000
• Secured funding up to £500,000
• Flexible terms of one month to 48 months
• Top-ups and repayment holidays • No early repayment penalties
• Simple application process
We work closely with the broker community, but also welcome enquiries from accountants, financial advisors and other individuals. If you refer a client to Fleximize, you’ll be assigned your own account manager who will serve as a dedicated point of contact at every stage of the process.
General Enquiries
For all your new enquiries
t. 0207 100 0110
Holbrook House 51 John Street Ipswich
Broker Support Team
Introducers or direct brokers
t. 0207 100 0110
Jenny Knight
Senior Underwriter
t. 0207 100 0110
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