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» Mission
Glenhawk provides swift, competitive short-term property finance, allowing clients to realise opportunities and progress developments. With a senior-leadership team deeply experienced in the real estate and financial worlds, Glenhawk has a unique understanding of its clients’ challenges and offers a simple, flexible approach that makes it the long-term partner of choice for short-term property finance.
» Background
Founded in 2017 by long-term developer Guy Harrington, CEO, Glenhawk is also led by Managing Director Paul McFadyen, former UK Managing Director of Regis Group, and Director of Lending Nick Hilton, who has a background in asset management and bridging loans, having leant over £300m since 2008. Non-Executive Director Harry Hill also contributes his experience as a founder and chairman of Rightmove and CEO of Countrywide.
Now a leading visionary in the market, Glenhawk pride themselves on their ability to understand their client’s needs. With no lengthy credit approval processes, their clients should never have to miss an investment opportunity. By continually questioning processes they push to create positive change not only in Glenhawk, but industry wide.
 Guy Harrington
Founder & CEO
t. +44 207 100 8787 m. +44 (0)7999 933 399 e.
Nick Hilton
Head of Lending
t. +44 207 100 8787 m. +44 (0)7540 812 220 e.
35 Albemarle Street London
Paul McFadyen
Managing Director
t. +44 207 100 8787 m. +44 (0)7429 239 308 e.
Annabel Crawshaw
Head of Operations
t. +44 207 100 8787 m. +44 (0)7957 574 084 e.
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