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         Specialism/USP Institutionally funded; part of wider real estate group including developer, construction company and property fund
manager; complex transactions considered, we will lend on hope value. Speed is a given
  Charges 1st, 2nd (2nd charge on residential assets only)
  Funding Institutional (Shawbrook Bank, Insight Investments, I&M Bank) and private (Pivot bonds)
  FCA Regulated No
  Interest Range Residential bridging from 0.74%, commercial from 0.89%, development finance from 0.99%, pre-plan finance from
  Base Rate N/A
  Security Types Residential (investment and refurbishment), commercial, mixed-use, land, development and pre-plan
  Unacceptable Security Types Land with agricultural ties
  Treatment of Interest Retained and serviced
  Max LTV Residential 76%, commercial 65%, pre-plan lower of 85% or 65% “hope value”
  Max Loan to GDV 65%
  Max Loan to Cost 85%
  Min/Max Loan Term 3-18 months
  Min/Max Loan Size £150k-£2m (residential/commercial facilities up to £5m considered)
  Geographical Lending Area England and Wales
  New Builds Yes
  Refurbishment Yes
  Conversions Yes
  Grade Listed Buildings Grade II-listed only
  Mixed Schemes Yes
  Planning Permission Needed No, we also offer a pre-plan product where we will lend on the hope value of the project obtaining planning
  Commission Rate 1-2%
  Associations NACFB, ASTL, FIBA
  Upfront fees 2% arrangement fee
  Early Redemption Charges No
  Investment Yes
  Owner-occupied Yes, on residential 2nd charge where funds are for business purposes
  Interest-only Options Yes
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