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Specialism/USP Bridging finance – speed and flexibility
Charges 1st, 2nd
FCA Regulated Yes
Interest Range 0.55% prime product over £250k loan 0.75% regulated and standard bridge
0.95% commercial bridge
Base Rate/LIBOR (floor rate N/A if applicable)
Security Types Residential, commercial, investment, land with and without planning
Unacceptable Security Types Sub £150k value, care homes, clubs, sportsgrounds
Treatment of Interest – rolled, Retained, serviced retained, serviced
Max LTV 74.5% resi 70% commercial
Max Loan to GDV N/A
Max Loan to Cost 100%
Min/Max Loan Term 1-18 months
Min/Max Loan Size £30k-£10m
Geographical Lending Area England, Scotland and Wales
New Builds Yes – no premium
Refurbishment Yes
Conversions Yes
Grade Listed Buildings Yes
Mixed Schemes Yes
Planning Permission Needed No
Commission Rate Up to 2%
Associations ASTL, AOBP
Early Redemption Charges No
Investment Yes
Owner-occupied Yes
Interest-only Options Yes
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